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Designer Jona IS InAisce, he embodies InAisce, and he wears his designs daily.
He was born in 1983, at the bottom of Rocky Mountains, USA. Even though he is now living in New York (and his atelier is there, too) he could call Italy, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia his home.
This pilgrimige around the world inspired him to create, and that’s how InAisce was born. New brand, but full impact.

His clothes are raw but not unpolished, has the charm given by the passage of time.  Alliance between chaos and geometry, between rigour and blur, it pays spacial attention to fabrics and colours – worshiping nature and architecture of the human body.

1. What inspired you to create native themed clothing?
I create collections based not on a particular theme but upon a world that I imagine.  It’s neither a world of the past nor of the future but removed entirely. Certainly, everything I have seen and experienced is processed and comes out in my design, but it is not driven by any particular event, excursion, or experience I’ve had.

2.What is your favorite piece of clothing you've ever designed?
It’s always changing.  They are the pieces which are most versatile and one finds oneself wearing repeatedly throughout the week.

3. Who would be a perfect InAisce woman/man?
Whoever enjoys it and wears the clothes until they are destroyed. 

4. If you could do costumes for a movie, which movie would that be?
I’d like to help Emi Wada with the costumes on a film.

5. How would you describe your ultimate goal as a designer?
Constantly evolving.

6. Any artist that we need to check out?

We are fans of InAisce superb campaigns >> so we are posting their newest for SS13

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