Myth coat

In the search for perfect long coat, we have found this one.
Freshnet's brand Nowhere is getting bigger and bigger, so if you're into not so commercial collections that interprets fashion from a surrealist perspective, you should click these links above and check out their newest, third collection.
The silhouette is created by the enlarged proportions which moves the boundary between street fashion and exaggeration, ultra-large coats, loose pants, large shirts and knitwear. Materials helps to fool the eye, creating structural collages made ​​of PU leather, patent and metallic texture in combination with more traditional materials such as quilted jersey, wool and knitwear.
The palette consists of burgundy, black and white highlighted with turquoise and silver. 
 Dreamy "statement pieces."

Ph.Erik Torstensson 
Model. Elsa B 

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  1. tako je savrseno bademantil-ast, cozy, a elegantan!