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// preview via models.com //
In an era of homogenization and corporate mentality, the fashion industry has few iconoclasts left. Among the dwindling group of independent thinkers Michele Lamy ranks high. The cabaret queen turned high fashion backer presides over an empire that includes husband, Rick Owens’ eponymous label and Gareth Pugh’s haute goth creations. As a fashion fixture who is always relevant and always on the cutting edge, Lamy is the perfect subject for Christopher Michael’s What’s Contemporary.
“The latest contributor in What’s Contemporary is Michele Lamy, who is herself, a contemporary muse. When inviting her to exhibit her point of view on the subject upon this platform, we chose to do so by having her narrate a tour of their home and work space, exposing her relationships with the objects by which she arts both their spaces and lives. In understanding this relationship, between her and these pieces, we are able to see more clearly, the realm she creates from which much of their inspiration and aesthetic choices are drawn. An intimate journey through the Palais Bourbon which is both their headquarters and home, captured en image by photographer Gregory Derkenne.”

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