Interview/Richard Söderberg of OBSCUR

“A garment’s true value can only be fully recognized when it’s being worn”
- this is the principle on which Richard Söderberg has built his brand. 
This young designer (26) creates key garments with pure aesthetics and raw edges, in black and grey, making an illusion of fog. 

OBSCUR is Swedish brand known for classic silhouettes brought to perfection and its clothes reflects the spirit of the dark and misty landscapes. 

The founder and designer Richard Söderberg unwrapped a bit of mystery for our blog..

1. Obscur is known for its high-quality, timeless pieces and rough aesthetics, so tell us who would be a perfect Obscur women/men?
Anyone can wear Obscur, it is not limited to a certain individual, person or mind-set. The Obscur universe can be attainable and accessible to all interested personalities from all walks of life.

2. Considering that you create pieces from leather, and the fact that they are monochrome, do you prefer to make SS or FW collection?
I prefer making FW collections because you are able to add to the object you are creating instead of removing layers. For the Winter, you are not restricted in any way by outside and thermal influences. However, sculpting SS collections remains very interesting because I am given a challenge to create something with structure and sturdiness that needs to be lightweight at the same time. But in general, FW is of course the given and preferred choice. To develop a non-seasonal feel would be even better.   

3. Are you planning to include any color in the future, or you're going to experiment with greyscales as you did in previous collection?
I've never felt comfortable wearing "colour" and if I do work with colours it would be only because of one reason, to manipulate the audience and adorn suspense. Designers that use a lot of black in their collections and who use contrast colors are very clever because it does draw a great deal of attention. 

4. What is your favorite piece of clothing you've ever designed?
 If I should measure it in relative happiness or pleasure after designing a garment I would say it would be my first leather jacket I designed for myself, the first leather I ever sculpted and sewed into.

5. How would you describe your ultimate goal as a designer?

6. If you could do costumes for a movie, which movie would that be?
That would have to be Blade runner, I have always felt intrigued by that movie. 

7. Any artist that we need to check out?

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